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Giving it Your All

     The football team has played a tough schedule so far this year playing Commerce Georgia, Seneca, and Pickens to name a few.  They lost quarterback John Brandt at the beginning of the season.  I asked Coach Pate what some highlights of the season were so far and he said, "the tough play of the defense." The football team is working extremely hard this season and is getting better every day.  When asked about a player improving the most this season Coach Pate named their kicker.  Coach Pate said, "never doubt that these guys are giving it there all.  People may out athlete us but they want out work us."  So come out and support your razorbacks as they enter conference play. 

Changing Coaches

The tennis team has gotten off to a good start under their new coach, Mr. Taylor.  When asked about being able to coach his daughter during her senior year, he said he was excited and that this is more time they can spend with each other. Also when asked about the difference in coaching girls Coach Taylor, who also coaches baseball, said it is different mentally and that guys are used to his style of coaching, but with the girls he has to go about it differently. Coach Taylor said that the season so far has gone really well and that he thinks the girls are capable of winning conference this year. The toughest team they will face this year is Christ Church, but Coach Taylor said, "the girls are working really hard and they have gotten better every match we have played."