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Reactions to Terrorism

The events that took place on September 11, 2001 were extremely tragic and horrific. The terrorist attacks affected the entire country. These attacks will change the way we live and the freedom we have. Security all over the nation will change. The question is what effect will this have on our school?
In an interview with Mr. Lawimore, he said that no extreme changes would be made here at school. After the attacks everyone was on edge, so it was easy to overreact. Mr. Lawimore said we need to "stay as normal and as everyday as we possibly can." When asked about new security measures being taken here at school, Officer Holbrooks said, "for a couple of days the school district had us lock the doors around the school and visitors had to use one front entrance, but since then no other measures have been taken."
In this country our freedom will change. It may only affect our freedom to travel from place to place. In airports people may be subject to security officers searching through their bags and belongings. The changes being made in airports will make traveling safer for passengers and hopefully will prevent a tragedy such as September 11 from happening again. Many businesses have taken extra security measures to insure their employees' safety. For example, BMW in Greenville had security guards searching through employees' bags the weeks following the attacks.
In reaction to the attacks on America, Mr. Lawimore made the point that there are three stages in a reaction: the first initial reaction being shock, the second reaction being anger, and the final reaction being remorse and sympathy. In reaction to the attacks Officer Holbrooks said, "I was very shocked with the actions that the terrorist took." When asked about his feelings toward the thousands of police officers, fire fighters, and emergency workers risking their lives to save others, Officer Holbrooks said, "It is our sworn duty to serve and protect, and I'm sure they feel the same as I would, that we are doing the job that we were called to do." Laura Brown, a student here at WHS, said that the attacks made her really sad and that it scares her because things like this could happen in the future.
I'm sure most peoples' initial reaction to these attacks was shock. The events that took place on September 11, 2001 will always be vivid in our minds. The way Americans live their lives will be forever changed. My sympathy goes out to the victims and the victims families of these terrorist attacks.

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