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Unit 4 – Macbeth

We need to know

Historical background about William Shakespeare, the Globe Theatre, and Macbeth

How connotation, denotation, inflection, and stress affect text and subtext

The plot and themes of Macbeth

How to organize, rehearse, and present a scene from Macbeth

Key Terms

connotation, denotation, inflection, stress, subtext, blood, hands, sleep, night, soliloquy, paradox

The Literature

William Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Macbeth

Journal Questions

    1. Complete word journal assignment. (See Handout 1)
    2. Choose two characters from the play and draw or cut from a magazine pictures of each. Under each picture, list three words that capture the character’s essence.
    3. Write three sentences often said to you by someone close to you: a parent, a brother or sister, a friend. Indicate the typical inflection and meaning for each (where does the person’s voice rise or fall); then vary the inflection and tell how this changes the meaning.
    4. Have you ever faced a situation in which you wanted something from someone but realized it would be best to pursue it indirectly rather than asking for it outright? If not, can you imagine such a situation? Describe your indirect approach for getting what you wanted, or write a brief dialogue between two characters in which one person attempts this with another.
    5. Watch at least 10 minutes of a television show and pay attention to how it is shot. Notice how the camera moves and record in your journals one camera technique the director used. If you know words like zoom, fade, close-up, or body shot, fine; if not, explain in your own words what the camera did. Also describe the scene in which the camera technique was used and explain how the technique added to the drama or mood of the scene.
    6. Recall a time in your life when you were involved in a tough situation, had to make a decision about whether to turn back or push on, and found both options equally difficult. What did you do? Why?

Unit Projects

    1. Character signs – Create a sign for your assigned character that includes the character’s name and any artwork representing the character. 10 points
    2. Memorization assignment – You will have to memorize lines for recital in front of the class on ________________. 25 points
    3. Dramatic Presentations – See Handout 8. 100 points