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Review Sheet

  1. Romanticism
  2. Deals with ______________ and the ___________________________.

    Romantics favored _________________ over ____________________.

  3. Washington Irving
  4. Biographical information (study notes)

    Named after _____________________________________

    Transformed ____________________ folk tales into American


    wrote "The Devil and Tom Walker" and ________________


    Elements of a folk tale





    Review "The Devil and Tom Walker"

  5. William Cullen Bryant
  6. Biographical information (study notes)

    Descendant of the ____________________

    The 1st American poet to achieve ______________________


    Blank verse is _______________ ______________ _____________.

    Iambic pentameter means there are _____ syllables in a line, with ___ stressed syllables, and a pattern of ______________/_____________

    Review "To A Waterfowl" (theme and images of nature)

    "Thanatopsis" (What is the subject of this poem? What does Bryant say will happen to us when we die? How should we live our lives?)

  7. James Fenimore Cooper
  8. Biographical information (study notes)

    Setting - __________________________________________________

    Review excerpt from The Prairie

  9. Edgar Allan Poe

Biographical information (study notes)

Addicted to _______________ and ____________________

All the women in his life died from _____________________

Popularized the _______________ _________________ form

Married his ____ - year old cousin

The single effect - ________________________________________

Alliteration - ____________________________________________

Consonance - ____________________________________________

Assonance - _____________________________________________

Frame story - ____________________________________________

Allusion - _______________________________________________

Review "The Fall of the House of Usher" (Know the plot of the story as well as the major differences between Poe’s story in the book and the play we read or the movie we watched.)

"The Raven" (Know the plot as well as how sound devices are used - can you pick out alliteration, consonance, and assonance?)

"The Oval Portrait" (How is this an example of a frame story?)

"To Helen" (What allusions does Poe use and how do they contribute to the poem?)

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