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Extra Credit Projects


1. For the serious artist only: Choose a scene fromthe play

and illustrate it.


2. Organize a performance of the scene you think is most

important to the theme of the play. You might present your

performance as a play, dialogue, or choral reading.


3. Compare The Crucible with a current event or issue. You

might explain the similarities you find inan essay or poem.

You could also show them in a poster.


4. Write a letter to Governor Danforth about the way the

trials are being conducted. You might use a petition from

Mary Easty, who was later hanged for witchcraft,as

your model.


5. Elizabeth Proctor survives the trials because she was

pregnant. Write a dialogue in which Goody Proctor tells her

child about John Proctor.


6. Design a set that could be usedin a production ofThe

Crucible. (A shoebox diorama would be a good plan)


7. Prepare a list of charges described in The Crucible and

the evidence used to prove them. Then interview a person

with legal training about how much of this evidence would be

admissible in courts today. Share your findings in a short

report or summarize the interview in question/answer



8. Find out more about the actual events ofthe Salem trials

and the real people mentioned by Miller. Then critique

Miller's use of historical facts in The Crucible.


9. The Crucible has been called "an allegory of the

McCarthy era. "Prepare a chart or short report that shows

the parallels between the Salem witch trials and the hearings

that Senator Joseph McCarthy held before the House

Un-American Activities Committee.


10. When people go to a stage production, they always

receive a program. Create a program for The Crucible that


  • * a cover
  • * an article on the historical background of the play
  • * an act-by-act synopsis (including songs if you have
  • chosen a musical format)
  • *a list of characters and modern-day actors and
  • actresses who would play each part
  • *several advertisements as fillers



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