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Anticipation Guide for The Education of Little Tree


Mark each of the following statements as true or false according to your opinion.

1. All American Indians are ignorant.

2. Education comes only from school and books.

3. The Cherokee Indians believe that man and nature must live hand in hand.

4. It is better to have nothing at all than to have something for only a short while and then have nothing again.

5. The powerful should take from the weak.

6. Just because someone looks different means he is stupid.

7. Love has many different meanings.

8. Humor can make the worst times better.

9. A person should say what someone wants to hear, not especially the truth.

10. The government always knows what is best for the individual.


Answer the following with a paragraph or so.

If you gave someone a gift and the person's parent made him or her return it, how would you feel and what would you do?


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