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1.As this act opens, what accusation does Giles Corey make?

2.What news do we learn about Rebecca Nurse?

3.When John Proctor arrives at court with Mary Warren, what does

Reverend Parris accuse him of?

4.What two pieces of evidence are brought out against Proctor in regard

to his Christian nature?

5.What news does Danforth tell John Proctor about Elizabeth?

What deal does he try to make with him?

6.What is going to happen to the 91 people who signed the testament

stating a good opinion of Elizabeth, Martha Corey, and Rebecca Nurse?

7.Discuss "Do that which is good , and no harm shall come to thee." (pg 95)

8.What is Giles Corey\rquote s proof that Thomas Putnam is "reaching out

for land."? Why won't he reveal his source?

9.What happens to Giles Corey?

10.What is Reverend Hale's advice to John Proctor as he is

about to read his disposition before the court?

11.What does Danforth think Mary Warren's appearance

in the court might be?

12.When Mary Warren says that she pretended to faint in court,

what is she asked to do? What is the result?

13.What does Abigail do when suspicion that she might be pretending

falls on her?

14.What does John Proctor do to discredit her?

15.Who is called to back up John's testimony? What happens?

16.What happens when Reverend Hale states that Abigail has always

seemed false to him?

17.What is Mary Warren's reaction to Abigail's performance?

18.What does John Proctor mean when he says, "God is dead!"?

19.What does Hale do when Proctor is arrested?



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