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September Educator of the Month!


The Teacher Cadet Class of 2001-2002 is proud to announce that Mrs. Moxley is the September Educator of The Month.  Mrs. Moxley received several gifts from the Teacher Cadet class.  She also received the privilege of using a parking space very close to the school.
     If you would like to see one of your teachers, faculty members, or media specialist, who has made an impact in your life, receive this honor, then nominate them for the October Educator of the Month.  To do this, watch for the nomination ballots in the library in the beginning of October.  Nominate the Educator of your choice.  You must sign your name for the nomination to count.  After the nominations are received, a voting ballot will be placed in the library for you to vote.  Let that special Educator know you appreciate them.  Go nominate and vote!


Here at Walhalla High School we have clubs for many purposes. Some of the following are clubs available for you.
FCA- Fellowship of Christian Athletes
q Fun games, food, trips, activities, and fellowship to learn more about God.
q We meet at 7:00 every Monday in Mr. Boyd's room.
q Everyone welcome (not just athletes)
q See Mrs. Plowden if you are interested.

Step 3 - Students and Teachers Encouraging Positive Peer Pressure
This group sponsors many activities that encourage good lifestyle choices.
q Red Ribbon Week
q Prom Promice
q Seat Belt Use
q Healthy Choices
See Mrs. Plowden if you're interested.

WHS Art Club -
q Community projects including large painted boards for the United Way
q Making name tags and decoration for the Ms.Walhira pageant
q Collecting money for a field trip to Disney World
q Sponsored by Ms.Glenn
The Art Club will begin to sell handmade angles, which are produced by a method called quilling. Small angles will be selling for $1.25 and the large for $2.00. Be sure to buy your special someone an angle.

Mrs. Moxley is the Media Specialist at WHS.

Congratulations Mrs. Moxley!