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Under Attack
Another flight from Newark, NJ to San Francisco crashed 50 miles southeast of Pittsburgh in Linville, Pennsylvania. Cell phone calls from the passengers and the flight recorder from the plane have proved that the bravery of the passengers on the plane had something to do with it not reaching its intended target, possibly the White House.
     The apparent terrorist attacks have all pointed back to the Taliban leader Osama bin Laden.  America has felt his terrorist actions before when his followers set off a car bomb in the parking garage of the World Trade Center.  Bin Ladenhas been known for his terrorist attacks around the world.  President Bush said to reprters that this act of terrorism will not go unavenged.
The bombing of Pearl Harbor put the United States in a Second World War. This recent act of terrorism has killed more people than the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Action should be taken for an act like this. Too many people had to die for this to go unavenged.
     Following the terrorist attacks of September 11, America has been in an uproar.  After numerous attempts to persuade the Taliban to turn over the suspected terrorists, President Bush made good on his promise of retaliation.  When the Taliban did not comply with America's demand, war was declared, and on Sunday, October 7th, President Bush said several times that this was a war against terrorism and not people of the Muslim faith.
     Terrorists have attacked again, but since September 11, it has been in the form of a virus called anthrax.  Anthrax is a deadly disease that can and has killed several people since the September 11, tragedy.  This virus has been transmitted through the mail system.  Anthrax has been dent to key government and media personnel.
     After several weeks of U.S. air raids in the country of Afghanistan, the Taliban has claimed that their top government officials and leaders are still alive and well.  They have called to Muslims around the world to join in their fight against America.  From America's standpoint, the next step in this war waged on terrorism is to send ground troops into Taliban-occupied lands and fight.